Twitter's Evan Williams on Structured Retweets

Twitter's Evan Williams on Structured Retweets:

Excellent example of

  • letting your users guide your design
  • crafting an effective solution without over-engineering
  • open communication from a CEO to his user base

UPDATE: And here’s a counterpoint from Sean Bonner. I think he is overstating the “new problems which I think outweigh the old one,” and I think with time people will get used to this much better way of retweeting. I could also see the Twitter clients modifying how they display the avatars for retweets, possibly with the retweeter’s avatar featured prominently with each tweet and the retweetee’s avatar smaller and inline. Doesn’t seem to me like anything in the new model would prevent that.

In any case these are UI issues, and the important thing about Evan’s post is that Twitter is building retweets into the infrastructure of Twitter, in a smart way IMO. As always, the community of users and developers will, as always, ultimately decide how they want this to work on the front end.