3 Ways to Improve Google Wave

Here are three things that would make Wave a whole lot better. I think these should all be doable from the client's perspective (in other words, the underlying architecture won't need to change), so I'll be curious to see whether any of these come to pass.

  1. Allow granular permissions
  2. One of the things that scares me most about using Wave are the future participants in my conversations. Since anyone can be added and see the entire history of the wave, I fear that anything I write may one day be seen by someone who shouldn't see it. We need to be able to set permissions on a wave-by-wave basis. If I'm the creator of the wave, I need to be able to specify which participants are allowed to add people to the wave (and this permission should be off by default). I would also like to specify which participants can edit and delete blips as well. Lastly we need to be able to close the wave entirely to disallow future participants, accidentally or otherwise.

  3. Allow re-ordering of blips
  4. When there are a lot of people on a wave, the conversation can get a little hairy, especially when a participant replies out of order. We need to be able to re-order blips after the fact, to "clean up" the conversation. As above, this should be an optional permission on each participant.

  5. Turn off live typing, by default
  6. I know this was the hardest engineering challenge for Google, and probably the thing they're most proud of in Wave, but I really can't stand the live typing thing and I also can't think of that many cases where it would be useful. It also makes for a confusing "paper trail" when someone responds to another person's live typing, and then instead of finishing their thought and starting a new one, the person just erases what they wrote and starts a new thought. Turn it off by default and let me turn it on only if I want it.