Turn Off the Internet Every Saturday

Will 2010 be the year of digital distraction? That's the question Pete Cashmore of Mashable fame posits in a recent article on CNN.com. I think so. The second half of 2009, at least for me, was filled with much more email, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of that nonsense. But actually I have a love-hate thing going on with all of it. I love reading and learning and keeping up with what friends, colleagues and pundits are doing, but sometimes it feels overwhelming and depressing. It's probably just the endorphins talking.

Multitasking also hurts our productivity, Cashmore says, because the cost of chronic "switching" is increased mistakes.

All of this to say, I think it's really important to regularly turn it all off. That's what I try to do every Shabbat. Turn off the TV, computer, phone. Rest, eat, spend time with family, enjoy life.

Read 2010: Year of digital distraction? - CNN.com.