Location is Ubiquitous

Duh. But seriously, in the coming months and years location is poised to become another piece of plumbing (like XML or http requests), as opposed to a specialized function in niche applications. With Twitter's recent acquisition of geolocation firm Mixer LabsFacebook's rumored entree into location-based services, and Apple's patent application that looks a lot like Google Latitude, it's becoming ever clearer that location information is valuable for any service on the mobile web, or the web at large for that matter.

Now, just so we're clear, by using the term 'plumbing' to describe location technology, I don't mean to denigrate in the least. On the contrary, I think location will be so vital to technology that we'll wonder how we ever lived without it. Kind of like, well, plumbing.

As one example of location becoming ubiquitous, take an idea from Joe's comment on my electronic maps post the other day: "I’d like my map to remind me that there’s something I want to see in a specific place. Kind of a location aware alarm that lasts, well, forever, until it gets triggered, and Iturn it off." Brilliant! Task lists / calendar reminders that are location-aware.

Really, the possibilities are endless. I am really excited to see how this plays out and how our lives are enriched by incorporating location more deeply into our everyday lives.