Dishonesty Is On The Run

Interesting article at The Globe and Mail about a little iPhone app that is helping to keep snow resorts honest:

The misinformation, suspected for years by skiers, is revealed in a new study by two ski-loving economics professors from the Ivy League's Dartmouth College...It showed an obvious “weekend effect” in the industry's snow reports. Ski areas, in general, were juicing the snow numbers by an average of 23 per cent on Saturdays and Sundays, the Dartmouth study discovered...

During the final season of the study, 2008-2009, added a feature to its popular iPhone app that let skiers opine live from the mountain. The professors found that dispatches such as this one – “Jackson Hole DID NOT get 15” today ... more like 0” – had an instant impact on the industry.

“The weekend effect drops to zero where the iPhone is heavily used,” said economist Eric Zitzewitz at Dartmouth. “Consumers are getting armed with ever-more data. Theres a deeper message, it goes beyond just skiing. When its easier for consumers to share information, all of a sudden we dont see the exaggeration.”

It's tough to lie on the internet.

Read The killer app that busted ski-resort snow jobs - The Globe and Mail.

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