The 120,000 Foot Skydive, via @scobleizer

Via Robert Scoble's Twitter feed, I caught wind of this fascinating Red Bull-sponsored extreme skydiving mission. Sometime in 2010, Felix Baumgartner, a.k.a one crazy motherfucker, is going to jump out of a stratospheric balloon from 120,000 feet above the Earth's surface. Doing a dive from this height means he will also attempt to be the first human to break the speed of sound in free-fall. Best part: the whole thing will be broadcast live on the internet (using Silverlight).

Fifty years ago, United States Air Force Captain Joe Kittinger made aerospace history. He jumped to Earth from 102,800 feet, near the edge of space. The achievement contributed valuable data that set the groundwork for the United States' first space program.

In our world today, few boundaries remain unchallenged; yet, while many have tried to surpass Colonel Joe Kittinger's accomplishment over the intervening half century, none have succeeded, and some have died. In 2010, the Red Bull Stratos mission will explore the limits of the human body in one of the most hostile environments known to humankind.

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