Top 10 Most Annoying Brand Names

One of my big pet peeves is annoying brand names. But the worst kind are the portmanteau-like names that sound like they were created by an algorithm that mashes up two fanciful words to create some new pseudo-fanciful word. Here's my top (or bottom?) ten most annoying brand names of this ilk: 10. Verizon - mashup of horizon and...vermin? 9. Truvia - no thanks, I'll take sugar 8. Affinia - at least it's not Infinia 7. Intrinsity - the quality or character of being intrinsic? 6. Infiniti - I'm sensing a pattern here 5. Advair - Advanced Air! 4. Altria - wow, this cigarette company is so altruistic now! 3. Accenture - Andersen Consulting paid $100 million for someone to think up this name 2. Abilify - there's already a word for this: 'enable'

And the number 1 most annoying brand name is....

1. Xfinity - an energy drink? a porn site? NO! eXtreme infinity!!