Forget the Oil Spill

The internet has been abuzz the last couple of days about some admittedly clever viral videos from Old Spice (yes, that Old Spice). It got me thinking that there's been a lot less buzz lately about the BP oil spill, which is coming up on its 90-day birthday and shows no signs of slowing down. And now the presidential commission appointed to investigate the spill is recommending that the moratorium on deepwater drilling be suspended.

Are we all so distracted and ADD-addled that we've already forgotten the magnitude of this disaster? And while we're at it, what about improving the financial system--did we ever see that one through to its conclusion? Are there still wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan?

So I wanted to see exactly how much we've lost interest in the oil spill vs. how distracted we are by funny deodorant videos. I think this chart of Twitter trends from says it all:

And here is a sad chart of the decline in Twitter mentions of the oil spill in the last 30 days:

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